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Founders of Bikini Thief

"We at Bikini Thief pride ourselves on a fantastic product, professionalism, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Working with Christine Wegmann has reminded us there are other hard working and driven people in the industry who feel and conduct business as we do. Christine's experience in the industry, her ability to see what is needed now as well as plan ahead, and a straight forward, from the heart honesty, continues to be part of Bikini Thief's winning business plan."


Founders of Society of LES

"We met Christine when we first thought about creating our company and we truly lucked out. Her knowledge, expertise and creativity has helped propel our company and collection to a reality.  We rely on Christine and the terrific team at Sheer Style to source, sample and manufacture our collection and much much more.  

Christine's knowledge of the retail market really sets her apart and she always give us the attention our company needs. We couldn't imagine working with anyone else. Not only does Christine help us with the technical and manufacturing aspects of the business but we look to her as a trusted advisor and consults in various capacities from brand development to execution. Christine is an absolute pleasure to work with and she is a key partner in the development and success of our brand."

Deborah Renee Adams and Kari Sims Vaughn

Founders of Tangerine

"Back in 1998 Deborah and I wanted to start a new underwear line that was built around the belief that in the current market there was a need for cotton underwear that was upscale, sexy, comfortable and current. The problem was we did not know how to go about the business of finding the right fabrics and of course building the line. Then was also the problem of our inexperience manufacturing the line. Everything came to a complete stop.

In 2008 Deborah met Christine and from there the relationship between Sheer Style and Tangerine became official. Because of Christine and her expertise in the manufacturing side of this business she was able to help us get from Concept to product line in a very short time span. Her ability to lead and advise without stepping on the creative ability of the designer is priceless. The information and the contacts that Christine brings to the table is without a doubt are invaluable to a new line and its designer.

It is difficult to go down the road of developing a new product, but with the help of Christine it is nearly impossible to fail because you are not alone or as likely to fall into the costly pitholes of development to which so many other lines struggle with and fail.

Deborah and I are so fortunate to know Christine as a person, but also to have worked with her over the last year. Christine is a diamond in the industry and she shines brightly. "


Sharon Segal Tees, S&J Designs

"I have been working with Christine and Sheer Style for almost 9 years. Christine is an amazing person to work with. She is honest, hard-working and one of the most ethical people I know.

Christine's company is responsible for producing our tee shirt line, Sharon Segal Tees. She works with us on every aspect from beginning to end. She is responsible for sampling, producing and shipping our product. The quality of our line is of utmost importance and Christine really understands that. She sources the best yarns and the softest fabrics and knows how to translate what we want into the final product. Because of Christine and the Sheer Style team we have never shipped late.

Honestly, I could not have this company without Christine and Sheer Style. My trust in her and my faith in her team allow me to be able to do what I love and still have time for my family, which is the only way I could do it."


President & CEO, MOGO Design Inc.

“MOGO Design Inc. launched its magnetic charms and linkable charmbands in December, 2009.  In 5 short months MOGO is in 670 stores and on track to be in 1500 stores by the end of 2010.  How did it happen? Not without the excellent advice and consultation of many experts including Christine Scholz and Sheerstyle, Inc.

Christine introduced MOGO to its current factory and without that introduction, we certainly would not have launched in 2009. Christine also provided all inventory and logistics services for the first critical months of our business, insuring that our product was properly checked for quality control, entered into inventory and then repacked and sent to our most discriminating customers, including Neiman Marcus. With Christines guidance and the dedication of the Sheerstyle team, we developed systems and relationships that streamline our inventory and shipping and insure flawless fulfillment from factory to customer.

In addition,  Christine provided constant insight and guidance in the areas of public relations, brand strategy, marketing and strategic operations and was incredibly helpful and supportive in the formation of our strategy and launch.

I would happily recommend Christine and Sheerstyle to any company looking for professional support in the fashion industry.”


Founders of Knickerbocker Glory

Knickerbocker Glory is a children's underwear and apparel company dedicated to creating top notch organic garments that give kids the freedom to do, and wear, what they want. Our products are fun, functional, and most importantly feel wonderful to wear.

Being new in the apparel business, I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to Christine Wegman and Sheerstyle early on. Unlike others, Christine is very generous with her wealth of knowledge and experience. This has enabled us to go quickly up the learning curve and has led to nationwide distribution in a very short time.

Christine's experience in all aspects of sourcing, manufacturing and production have proved invaluable. She is key to bringing new new products to market in terms of product design, pattern creation, and marketing.

Christine is dedicated, trustworthy, and I would highly recommend her to any company in the apparel industry - large or small.


Co-Founder Hester, Hester NYC

“Christine Scholz is a true gem for the fashion community.
Her knowledge and experience when it comes to all sides of the industry is vast and impressive — from manifesting a design idea into a physical reality, to sourcing fabric and materials, to fashion merchandising and marketing.

Her positive attitude, tireless creativity, and drive also make her an inspiration and pleasure to work with. For any clothing company looking for guidance, innovation, or support, Sheer Style would be an invaluable resource.”


Photography, deanzulich

"Working with Christine Scholz and Sheer Style has been truly a great creative experience.

From commercial, fashion assigments to very noble charity events such as "Yes We Can" at Fred Segal with Will.I.Am and the Black Eyed Peas, I always look forward to working with Christine on future colloaboration. "


CEO Sucre Soire
CEO Cotton Caboodle

"Christine entered my life in 2002, and it was a breath of fresh air as my women's collection was struggling with minimal sales and vision.

Having been in the apparel wholesale business for 22 years, I was focused on operations and the children's side of my business, Cotton Caboodle.

Christine's brand vision for Sucre Soir literally took my business to new levels! She developed our logo, brand identity, styling, image, and marketing. She took over hiring and management of our sales team, and reorganized our entire manufacturing processes.

The net result was that she doubled the revenues in 2002 and 2003, and increased revenues by over 60% in 2004, which substantially increased my overall profitability.

Christine does a fantastic job wearing many hats and never loses sight of the big picture. She is dedicated, loyal and passionate.
Her enthusiasm and drive brings success to any project she commits to!"


Founder Kreati-ka

"I do not have any technical background in fashion design, however I am addicted to fashion!

Who would have thought coming the United States from Paris, France that I would start my own collection.

I met this wonderful woman, Christine, owner of Sheer Style, who gave me the tools needed to start my line. Christine helped me from the beginning to create my own collection of high end ready to wear dresses.

The Sheer Style team is so professional and attentive. Most importantly, Christine was concerned that I was happy with the results, which means a lot to me.

I'm still in the process of launching my collection but it's so exciting! It is a dream come true!"


Founder, Hadleystilwell

"Being a start up business, I knew nothing about the apparel industry, sourcing fabric, product development, patterns, manufacturing and its logistics.

Christine not only helped me take my ideas for stylish nursing clothes from concept to reality - she helped me avoid the common costly pitfalls of a start up. Her guidance and an eye to saving money was critical. Without Christine and Sheer Style, HADLEYSTILWELL would have never launched as quickly, and I certainly would not have had capital left for marketing and selling my collection."


FOUNDER, ZB's Children's Clothing

"Christine has made my dream a reality! I came to sheer style, Inc. with sketches of my 4 in 1 pants and no business or fashion experience. She has supported me through the entire process and has helped launch ZB's Children's Clothing to market. I could not have done it without her expertise in fashion, business, and marketing. I continue to look to Christine for guidance and support. I thoroughly enjoy working with such a positive and knowledgeable person in the fashion industry."