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sheer style offers design services for every customer's needs. we work with designers and stylists who are just beginning in the industry to large wholesale and retail companies. design services can reach from a single silhouette to an entire collection. simply contact our office to discuss your needs.


sheer style offers full capacity color services. for example, if you need the latest color trend forecasts for your collection, or would like help narrowing down colors for a vignette or palette for your project or collection, you will find our experience and resources helpful.


sheer style's design center prepares technical sketches on cad software. we can provide you with as many technicals as you need for presentations, development, or production needs.


spec packs is a phrase used in the industry for specification packet. a speck pack provides a complete and detailed analysis of a product for production related purposes.
our excellent in-house technical designers can help you create your unique apparel product.


sheer style works with factories and mills to manufacture prototypes and samples. typically a first prototype takes 3 weeks, if fabric is on hand. samples for trade shows, representatives, marketing, and pr typically take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.


sheer styles provides complete full package manufacturing services. once you have your style or collection designed, we can aid you with all of the management of production, so you can get your product shipped. with over 17 years experience in production management and global sourcing, we are proud to say that our product is of the highest quality. fallout is less than 2% and over 98% of our shipments are on time. we manufacture both woven and knits in all classifications: women's, children's, men's, contemporary, sportswear, resort wear.


sheer style offers full package distribution services. we work with large and small companies, drop shipping custom orders to client bases in the US and worldwide. sheer style is EDI compliant and offers packaging services, such as poly-bagging, tissue wrap, printer's fold, and pre-packs. please contact us for more details.


working with some of the industry's top fashion photographers, we can pull your collection together through photo imagery, translating your brand identity. please contact us for half day and full days quotes. we typically work with digital images to bring the material to market faster, however we can work with any other medium you might prefer.


do you have a great collection concept, but you are lacking in marketing concepts and ideas? we have been marketing apparel related product for the past 17 years. we work with start up designers to large wholesale and retail companies. we can work within your budget. contact us today for a quote on your project.


do you have a great collection concept, buy you don't have a sales avenue or experience managing a sales team?
sheer style works and partners with some of the industry's top sales rep groups, both in the US and worldwide. we work with every major market in the US and have the experience to manage your collection and negotiate with the majors and independent sales groups on commission, product placement, release cycles and more.
contact us today to discuss your needs.


sheer style has 17 years experience in apparel brand building and marketing. contact our office today to discuss your project.


does your company need apparel for a company event, or giveaway? sheer style works with corporations, developing apparel product for promotional goods, advertising, marketing, vip gift bags, and events.